Welcome to Me Out Loud, LLC, where my mission is to Educate, Create, and Advocate, using art-focused facilitation and community conversation.  I work with individuals or in groups, focusing on the intersection of empathy, collaboration, and personal expression.

My name is Marie and I am the creator of Storyclouding ™, a visual storytelling method for exploring our shared stories through words and art.  These sessions result in Wordcloud Portraits ™, beautiful and lasting reminders of both shared experience and the unique value and talent we all possess. My extensive education and experience in facilitation, coaching, conflict resolution, and team-building, combined with the joy of making art with others result in an experience filled with grace, insight, and warmth.

I’ve recently started a new venture focused on celebrating women through line and color!  I’ve just launched Curvy Color™, a line of body and size positive greeting cards.  They’re available on my Etsy store and will be in local stores soon.