Three dark blondes

I’m sitting in a bubble tea shop in the Pacific Northwest and watching a woman and her two daughters.  They all have the same dark blonde hair, the youngest has lighter, cornsilky streaks. Mom seems distracted and remote, checking her phone and not interacting much.  The girls speak to each other, quietly.  The older girl and the mother are quite serious, but the younger one looks like she’s not loving the “how to be serious” lessons the older two are laying down.  I’m guessing she’s a much more playful child, but mom and older sis aren’t having it.  I’ve been casually watching them for probably 20 minutes, and I’m not sure they’ve smiled once.

My interest in people-watching is moderate, but I know some people truly love it.  There are times when it’s interesting, and the part I enjoy is imagining some type of interaction, their response to interruption.  This trio caught my eye because of their hair, and their collective demeanor.  I wanted to take a picture of them, capture their gravity and likeness, but it was too much of  an intrusion into their unknown world.


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