Post election thoughts

I’m publishing this two days after the Ascension of trump, almost two months post-election.  I started writing this post and then just had to stop, but I’m posting so I can track my thought process and watch its evolution.  This isn’t well-written, pithy, or anything other than observations on my state of mind that day.


As millions have already done (and I’ve been doing elsewhere, in fragments), I’m taking to my blog to clarify my thoughts about where we stand today.  We’re still so close to the election that my thinking is still clouded with fear for my future, and the future of so many others.  I made the decision today to uninstall Facebook from my phone. It’s a small thing, but I was making myself physically ill from both eyestrain and reading and engaging with all the sad, furious, and terrified posting and commentary.

What I’m posting is exactly the point of the electoral college – a check against a vile fascist stepping into the presidency. Clinton won the popular vote (i just Googled the results and she’s ahead by 400k votes). If the point of the ec is to check the ascension of an autocrat, it’s an option that should be explored. Why else have electors who, in theory, could vote differently than their state?

And to clarify, this is not simply about defeat of “my” candidate. This is about the terror and grief of my friends of color who are already being persecuted, harassed, and bullied in workplaces and streets. This is about my lgbtq friends who are mourning the potential loss of their legal marriage status. This is about women who will be at risk of not having the reproductive health care they need. This is about a vile creature who HAS SAID NOTHING to attempt to address the concerns of any of these people, who rode a wave of hatred, misogyny, racism, and homophobia to power. I am terrified for my own well-being and the welfare of millions of others, and this creature has said or done nothing to assure us that he even knows we exist.

Things are already spinning out of control and our institutions under trump will only destabilize our country further. When trump starts to address our fears and concerns, I will listen. When he speaks to distance himself from white supremacist groups who are celebrating his status, I will listen. When he tells me that his first priority is the welfare of ALL people and in maintaining our existing rights and civil liberties, I will listen. Not until then.

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From Manrepeller


Post election stress


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