Workshops and Resources

For several years, I was the program coordinator for a career and technology program at Oregon’s only women’s prison.  While I never envisioned working in a correctional facility, it proved an unexpected fit for my skills and interests.  With a master’s degree in Teaching and a concentration on Peace Education, combined with close to twenty years of technology training and instruction, I found an unexpected opportunity to delve more deeply into the crossover between hard and soft skills, and creating everyday leaders.

I focused on a combination of academics, civic engagement education, and personal growth and development, and was astonished at the level of interest and desire to change exhibited in the corrections classroom.

Working with incarcerated women has given me an opportunity to better understand the complex issues that surround incarceration, and its impact on individuals, families, and communities. Working with student services staff and and teaching professionals to understand the unique academic support needs of this population is one way to help them rebuild their lives post-incarceration.

Professionally, I am interested in working with transition and re-entry, servant leadership, civic engagement, civil discourse, compassionate communication, and the endlessly practical ways we can be better.


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